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Sustenance Engineering Services

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With manufacturing and technical support that follows the release of requirements, specifications, and drawings for fabrication, assembly, and testing, we stand strong in delivering an end-product to OEM’s or direct market.

When the invention is released into the industry, periodic upgrades and improvements will be pushed with period along with preservation. A support system also needs to be established to meet customer cases and to rectify those issues promptly. Sustenance engineering has to be provided for the intended lifespan of the product.

Our Process :

With the challenges increasing and quick modifications in machinery, supporting new improvements in products has become demanding to preserve. In such condition customers are confronted with the problem of where to assign their Engineering services Resources – New Product Development has challenging objectives & timelines, but the older versions are where all the paying customers are focused. In such scenario our Sustenance Engineering Services can support in providing the essential balance.

1. Customization of product

2. Minor Enhancement of future

3. OS And Product Update

4. Provide overlap support during version transition from old to new

5. Bug fixes and patches which involves testing and QA services

Sustenance Engineering
Sustenance Engineering
Sustenance Engineering

Key Features / Benefits with Arya :

  • Complete product sustenance – hardware & software.
  • Product stability & performance improvements.
  • Design Due Diligence and Functional Evaluation.
  • Scheduled releases with feature enhancements.
  • Verification and validation of changes before release.
  • Testing Automation to reduce release cycle time.
  • In-house Manufacturing facility.