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Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU)

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RS485 to GSM gateway RMU(Remote Monitoring Unit)


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Remote Monitoring Unit & Web-based Software

  • Communication Options To Suit Worldwide Locations
  • Solar Pump Monitoring
  • Web-Based Software For Internet

The Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) is designed primarily for monitoring of solar water pump & additional inputs of flow monitoring. The basic RMU has an RS-485 channel provided for the connection of digital controller or wired interconnection of multiple RMU’s. Other digital I/O networks are obtainable for other status communications.

Web-based software available over an Internet Server permits easy hassle free access to connected solar pump and flow data anywhere, anytime, and with e-mail, text messaging of alarm conditions that need your immediate attention. If you prefer the increased security of your own network instead of the Internet, then the Web-based software may be installed on your own servers.

SD card slot is available to store data in case of unavailability of network. This will avoid the loss of data. Optional BT transfer is available to transfer data.

Technical Specification :

  • Enclosure MS: Dimensions: 302 x 232 x 90 mm
  • Input Power Supply: 5V /12V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to +70C
  • Serial Input – RS-485 2 Wire
  • Digital Input – 2 Channel
Technical Specification