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When it comes to defining Product engineering service, it could be defined as an engineering activity, which uses various hardware, embedded software and IT services solutions for the designing and development of products.

At Arya, our Product Engineering & Manufacturing Team helps customers to transform their vision into successful real-world products. We meet the evolving market demands through our product development strategies, also ensuring consumer choices, critical timelines, and budgets.

Our Product Engineering Team Offer Industrial Facilities For Various Industries Such As :

1. Off High Way Applications For Diesel Engine.

2. Industrial Application

3. Locomotives Applications

4. Genset Applications

Along with this, we are expertise in Diesel Engine Application Controllers, Dataloggers, M2M Gateways for IoT, Protocol Converters, Genset Controllers, SMPS Battery Chargers, Portable Test Rigs, & Controllers for various applications.

We intend to deliver innovative solutions to all industries. To achieve the best performance while incurring a minimum cost, we offer our cutting-edge Product Engineering Services which include intensive research and analysis to identify the appropriate technologies. We are one of the best engineering manufacturing when it comes to cost, performance, feature trade-offs, and additional factors, to help companies overcome the challenges such as delivering high-quality, and timely product engineering services to the marketplace.

To make the product excellent in its design and usage, we take it to the highest stage of development where we consider all elements of progress including defining, designing, verifying or realising the product.

We ensure the acceptance criteria have arrived at the initial stage of product development. We take the follow up of our customers until we are sure about their requirements and needs regarding the product. Arya is leading product engineering company in India.

Product Development Life Cycle :

  • Product Concept: Conceptualization of new products. Evaluate market opportunities, select the best product idea and define the product development strategy.
  • Requirement Gathering & Feasibility Study: Gather the requirements of the product and define the requirement specification of hardware and software. Perform a feasibility study to prove the concept.
  • System Design: Describe a whole product’s system-level architecture based on POC.
  • Select the hardware and software development environment.
  • Hardware Design: Part Choice, Schematic Strategy, Draft Design (Component Placement, Board Routing), Manufacture, BOM Optimization.
  • Software Design & Development: Board brings up firmware and software application design & development.
  • ID Design: Designing attractive and manageable invention aesthetics and UI/UX.
  • Product Prototyping: Execute system combination – hardware & software addition. Form the broad system and improve the product model.
  • Testing & Validation: Thorough testing of every module in the system
  • Product Pre-certification: Perform compliance testing and re-certification of the product
  • Manufacture Maintenance: Producing/manufacturing the creation in high volumes, Manufacturing Evolution & Test Jig Improvement.
  • Product Sustenance: Product maintenance & support.
  • Replace Product Support with production & Sustenance.
Product Engineering Services
Product Engineering Services
Product Engineering Services

Key Features / Benefits with Arya :

Arya Holds Expertise In The Following :

  • Statistical methods and tools.
  • Manufacturing process.
  • Software, hardware and systems implementation.
  • Product reliability and qualification.
  • Computer-aided design and simulation programs.
  • Strong product Knowledge.
  • Strong analytic work methodology and problem-solving skills.
  • Continuous Improvement of Knowledge.
  • Knowledge for Enclosure Development.
  • Product Application knowledge.
  • Product Mounting details.
  • Knowledge for component selection.
  • BOM optimization.