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Arya Electronics Garbage chutes or waste management system provide an ideal way to manage Garbage to recycle. In multi-storied/high rise buildings chutes are provide a convenient method sorting different recyclable materials. It prevent many of the recyclable material from entering the environment and reduce its negative impact.

Arya electronics offer Customised Embedded product design.

Arya Electronics is Garbage Chute manufacturer & who has developed Controllers many types of chutes like Garbage Chute, Segregation Garbage Chutes, Laundry Chute, Debris Chute etc.

Standard Features :

  • Systems with one or more than one recycling positions
  • The system with access control especially for hotel rooms
  • Chute door interlocking
  • Quick response time when changing positions
  • Easy to use control stations located at each door
  • Master panel to Control total system
  • Modular Design
  • LED indicators for each floor
  • Manual systems control
  • Odour controllers for special applications
  • Garbage Compactors Panels designed & manufactured
  • Cleaning panel designed with system and integrated with the master panel.
Garbage Chute Controllers