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Doser Test Rig (AE1806)

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Doser & NOX SENSOR Test Rig – AE1806 :


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Technical Specification

The Portable test equipment bench developed by Arya is a highly complex simulation system designed to test Doser and Nox sensors used in after treatment system used in BSIV and BSVI vehicles and perform integration tests handshaking with electronic control units (ECUs) used in automotive environments. This is a so-called HiL test bench (Hardware in the Loop)

Together with a Cummins Engineering Team, Arya designed, developed and produced the portable test bench that is today successfully being used in Service stations in different parts of India.

A complete after treatment control system, in this case the dosing system is realistically visualized with the test bench.

This consists of ECU, Harness, 12V/24VSMPS power supply and a state of the art HMI with 7” display.

Electronics modules as well as original components are combined to simulate signal variables in the test bench. As a consequence, the test engineer is able to extensively test and validate complex functions with high accuracy.

The test bench is equipped with a modular system that allows sub-assemblies to be integrated, extended and altered according to future requirements. A solution that recognises and fulfils the dynamic demands associated with developing modern control units. The test bench boasts an integrated high-performance, real-time computer to facilitate realistic simulations; the HMI is able to display and record the results of the tests carried out on various makes Dosers.

HMI unit establish two way communications with Specially programmed ECU with CAN J1939 protocol. Perform the test sequences with the help of ECU & Records the real time results. With the help of the user friendly interface can access the history recorded in the memory. The entire system can be connected to a user PC. The special tool developed can easily installed on the PC and will be used to print the reports. USB port is given to down load the data on pen drive. That means the service engineer is able to perform extensive simulations on the test bench and immediately analyze their results.