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Datalogger & Cloud Management Overview :

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Designer, Services Provider of Data Loggers, Cloud Based Data Loggers, GSm Based Data Loggers, Multichannel Data Loggers and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Arya Electronics offer Multi Channel data logger is a equipment used to store data. This contains several data purchase policies such as plug-in boards or serial communication systems which use processor as a real time data recording system. However, most device producers ponder a Portable Data Logger an impartial device that can read numerous categories of electrical indications and store the data in internal memory for later download to a computer.

The benefit of Arya Wireless Datalogger is that they can activate independently of a computer, unlike many other types of data acquisition policies. Portable Datalogger are accessible in several forms and extents. The range embraces modest cost-effective single channel fixed function data loggers to more powerful programmable devices capable of managing hundreds of inputs.

A. GSM Based Data - Logger AE1809

Smart 12 is an industrial unit for remote monitoring & control, alarming over GSM device for locations without LAN access. Connect up to 16 external sensors and 2 dry contact detectors.

Smart 12 monitors the readings of connected sensors. When an asset reaches the alarm threshold, the device directs an e-mail or a text message (SMS), or dials definite numbers. Use the free portal to view measured data in a complex dashboard.

Smart products support FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) for remote firmware updates.


  • 5x 3-Wire RTD Input; 7x 1 wire analog input (loop powered sensors), 4x Digital Input with S0 pulse counters; Data Logger for more than 250000 records; Digital Inputs feature 32-bit pulse counters that hold their assessment even if the control fails.
  • 3x E-mail; 3x “SMS+Ring”
  • Use the LAN port to configure the device from a PC. Remote configuration also possible via the portal.
  • Remote firmware upload (FOTA) capability makes Smart 12 devices ideal for large-scale deployments.
  • Connected via GSM/GPRS. List of APN available worldwide.
  • A device value out of a set safe range along with a DI state alteration shows an alert by e-mail or “SMS+Ring”, or stimulates a relay (via connected accessory “Relay Output 2-Wire UNI”).
  • Data can be sent in e-mail attachments or read from SD card

General Features :

  • Inbuilt SMPS 90V to 270V AC 1ph input
  • Din rail mount / panel mount enclosure
  • Operating Temp – 60 deg c

Applications And Usage :

  • GPRS monitoring of machines and their environment
  • ATMs – environment monitoring without interfering with the connection
  • Art exhibits and depositories
  • Storages of food or materials

Features for IoT Datalogger Projects :

  • Data transfer over the GSM / GPRS mobile network
  • Quick view to current data on web portal
  • Mobile application, desktop apps
  • Transferring files by e-mail, custom sw or third-party cloud applications

B. Data-Logger (Modbus) AE

  • Specially designed for Locomotive Application
  • 24V DC Battery driven supply.
  • Offline data logging system
  • Two RS485 communication ports.
  • Periodic DATA logging with time.
  • Displaying of the logged data on LCD
  • Facility of transferring logged Data on USB flash drive through USB ‘Type A’ Connector.

C. Data Logger With Display

Display: LCD display / Graphic LCD display

Sensor Inputs: RTD / Thermonuclear / mV / mA / load cell

Number of channels: 2/4/6/8/12/16.

Memory: 8GB memory card

Connectivity: RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP, WIFI etc.

Protocol: Modbus / Text etc.

Options: SMS alarm / Individual Channel Alarm / Grouping of channels

Alarm: As per requirements

Common relay/ Two relays/ Individual Channel Relays

Log Interval : Seconds / minutes/ Hours

Supply: AC Mains operated / DC Operated

Field: Panel Mount / DIN Size / Wall mount

D. Multi Channel Data-Logger

Arya Electronics Multi channel Data Logger is used in different industries for recording data. This multi channel data logger having inputs from 2 / 4/ 6 / 8 / 12/ 16 sources. Our product range is available from 2 to 16 channels.

  • 230V AC 1Ph input supply.
  • 12 Channel 5x RTD + 7x Analog input
  • DI – 4 Nos.
  • DO-2 Nos PF contacts
  • SD Card Slot
  • RS485 communication port.
  • Configuration through PC
  • Can Transfer data through LAN port
  • Optional wi/fi data transfer feature
  • Din rail / Panel mount enclosure